Purchasing Property in Jamaica



So, you have identified a piece of land, a detached house, apartment, or townhouse that you wish to purchase, and you need some help making this a reality. It is always wise to have an Attorney-at-Law act for you in the purchase of any property.

Once you have made contact with the Vendor or the Attorney-at-Law who acts for the Vendor and both of you have agreed to the purchase you may come in to our office so we can assist you to complete your purchase. You will need to provide us with the contact information for the Vendor, their relator (if applicable) or their Attorney-at-Law.

If the vendor has decided to sell the property by public auction or private treaty you will need to provide us with confirmation that your offer or bid was accepted by the Vendor as well as the contact information for the Vendor, their relator (if applicable) or their Attorney-at-Law.

Our Office will contact the Vendor, their relator (if applicable) or their Attorney-at-Law on your behalf to confirm the sale price and other relevant details. The Vendor or their Attorney- at-Law will forward an Agreement for Sale setting out the terms and conditions of the sale of the property to you. We will explain the conditions of the Agreement for Sale to you. Once the terms and conditions are agreed by the Vendor and Yourself , you will sign the agreement and make a deposit or down payment of 10% of the sale price initially and the balance of the purchase price will be paid at a later date that has been set out in the agreement for sale.

In recent times most Vendors will ask you to prove that you are financially able to purchase the property. You may have to show that you can secure financing for the purchase even before sale process even begins. Proof of funding may show by a certified printout of your bank account or an illegibility letter or pre-qualification letter from a financial incaution of your choice showing that are eligible for a Mortgage or Loan to cover the full purchase price or the remaining balance after you have made the deposit.