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Georgia Personal Injury Lawyers

When a person suffers harm to their body or mind, they have met with a personal injury. At The Law Firm of Langrin-Robertson, our accident injury lawyers hold negligent parties accountable for the actions (or lack of actions) that cause harm to another.

The first step is for our lawyers to gain a clear understanding of the circumstances of the accident. We investigate on our clients’ behalf, prepare for the settlement, and aggressively negotiate to win the case.

The Law Firm of Langrin-Robertson Law is committed to delivering zealous and aggressive representation to achieve results that will leave you happy and well-compensated. Contact us today to learn about your legal options.

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Why Choose Us

With our legal expertise and insight into the case, we work together with our client as a team. We are Snellville’s personal injury attorneys dedicated to getting the best outcome.

Diligent and Robust Investigations

We partner with experts and investigators to navigate the nuances of each case. Our focus on case preparation creates your leverage for success.

Vigorous Representation

Understanding the law can be overwhelming. Our lawyers simplify, organize, and vigorously negotiate to maximize compensation.

We Close the Deal

At our firm, we follow a results-oriented approach to our legal services. We practice an aggressive way of negotiating for our clients and are intentional with every step we make.

Our Personal Injury Areas of Expertise

Our law firm handles a wide range of accident cases. We tirelessly advocate so that our clients can receive the compensation they are owed after a life-changing injury or illness. Some of the most common types of personal injury cases we handle include:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle crashes are the second leading cause of emergency room visits and hospitalizations in Georgia. Vehicle accidents can result in everything from a few simple scrapes and bruises to traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and even death.

Ridesharing Accidents

With the advent of ridesharing apps such as Lyft and Uber, the face of personal injury law was forced to adapt to help persons injured while using these services. At The Law Firm of Langrin-Robertson, our personal injury lawyers help determine responsibility for these accidents and pursue compensation accordingly.

Trucking Accidents

Accidents involving large trucks such as 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, and other commercial vehicles are referred to as trucking accidents. These types of accidents are particularly heinous as they often involve significant and catastrophic injuries.

Slip and Fall Accidents

When a person slips or trips and falls on property owned or maintained by another, they may be able to pursue the other party for the injuries they received.

Wrongful Death Claims

When a person dies due to a personal injury, a surviving family member can file a suit against the responsible party for their wrongful death. The proper way to determine if a wrongful death claim can be pursued is to determine if the person who died would have had an actionable personal injury case if they had lived. If the answer is “yes,” then a wrongful death claim is proper.

Negligent Security

Negligent security refers to a legal concept where a person or entity responsible for maintaining the security of a property or premises fails to fulfill their duty, resulting in harm or injury to another person. It occurs when the responsible party’s actions or lack thereof fall below the expected standard of care in providing reasonable security measures.

Dog Bites

If a Dog has bitten you or a loved one, you may be entitled to compensation. At Langrin-Robertson Law, when you choose us to represent you, we will carefully explain your rights and the steps involved in a dog bite case. We will take the time to learn about how the dog bite or attack has had an impact on your life.

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FAQs about Personal Injury Law in Georgia

What types of accidents does Langrin-Robertson Law handle?

Our law firm specializes in personal injury cases, including but not limited to:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Ridesharing Accidents
  • Trucking Accidents
  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Wrongful Death Claims
  • Negligent Security
  • Dog bites
What kind of compensation is available in a personal injury case?

There are three main types of compensation available to a personal injury victim in Georgia:

  • Economic Damages: Economic damages are easily verified. Examples include lost wages, medical bills, and lost earning capacity.
  • Non-Economic Damages: Non-economic damages are much more subjective and harder to value. They can consist of pain and suffering, loss of companionship, and loss of consortium.
  • Punitive Damages: Punitive damages are not always available. They are generally awarded in cases where the actions of the defendant are found to be particularly harmful. Punitive damages are sometimes awarded to discourage others from engaging in the same conduct as the defendant.
Do I need an attorney for a personal injury case?

While no law states you must hire an attorney, it is within your best interest to do so.

Insurance companies are protecting themselves over and above the interest of the injured person, whether that person is their insured customer or the opposing party.

Insurance companies are in business for profit. They are not our friends when we make a claim. Any settled claim is only settled because settlement is better than litigation for the organization’s bottom line. An insurance company hires hundreds of lawyers to make sure that the claims are paid out at the lowest possible level or not paid out at all.

The injured person may be placed in an adversarial position even though his own insurance company should be taking care of him and might need a personal injury attorney to protect his rights.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit is a complex process that includes deadlines, extensive paperwork, and a thorough understanding of the judicial process. Attorneys spend many years studying the details and complexities of the law to offer complete services to their clients. It would be challenging for a non-Attorney to successfully file a legal complaint without the assistance of experienced legal representation. In addition, hiring a Georgia personal injury Attorney requires no upfront cost or fees, so you have nothing to lose by consulting with a professional about the details of your personal injury.

What happens if the person at fault has no insurance?

It is illegal to operate a vehicle in Georgia without proper insurance, but that doesn’t mean every motorist on the road is legally insured. If you have supplemental uninsured motorist (UM) insurance, your Attorney will file a claim with your insurance company for damages. There are different types of UM coverage, and not all motorists add on this extra insurance policy. To get advice about the specifics of your case, contact our law firm.

Are victims of a shooting entitled to compensation?

In Georgia, shooting victims who survive may be entitled to compensation for losses such as medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost wages. Families of these victims who lost loved ones can file a wrongful death claim.

Where the shooting happened due to a security concern on the premises, you can pursue a case against the owner or manager of the property where the shooting was possible due to their negligence.

What are examples of negligent security?

In cases of negligent security, individuals who have suffered harm may pursue legal action against the property owner or occupier, seeking compensation for damages resulting from the inadequate security measures. Examples of negligent security can include:

  1. Insufficient lighting: If a property owner fails to adequately light areas such as parking lots or stairwells, it can create an environment where criminal activity is more likely to occur. Insufficient lighting can make it easier for perpetrators to hide or for crimes to go unnoticed.
  2. Broken or ineffective security systems: If a property owner fails to repair or maintain security systems such as alarms, surveillance cameras, or access control systems, it can compromise the safety and security of the premises. For example, if a property’s security cameras are non-functional, it may hinder the identification of criminals or deter their actions.
  3. Inadequate staffing or training: In certain establishments, such as shopping malls, hotels, or concert venues, security personnel are responsible for maintaining order and ensuring the safety of visitors. If the property owner understaffs or fails to adequately train security personnel, it can lead to lapses in security, making it easier for crimes to occur.
  4. Failure to address known risks: If a property owner is aware of specific risks or previous incidents of criminal activity on their premises and fails to take appropriate measures to address those risks, they may be held liable for negligent security. For instance, if a nightclub has a history of violent incidents but does not implement additional security measures, it may be considered negligent if another incident occurs.
  5. Inadequate access control: If a property owner fails to implement proper access control measures, such as secure locks or restricted entry to certain areas, it can make it easier for unauthorized individuals to gain access to the premises and commit crimes.

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