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It’s summer here in Georgia, and the allure of the open roads invites us to embark on memorable journeys and explore the state’s beauty. However, it’s crucial to prioritize safety during our summer drives to ensure a pleasant and incident-free experience. Diverse landscapes and bustling highways present unique challenges for drivers in Georgia during this season.

Whether you’re planning a road trip to the majestic mountains, scenic coastal areas, or vibrant cities, understanding and implementing summer driving tips can make all the difference. By following practical guidelines, you can confidently navigate Georgia’s roads, protect yourself and your loved ones, and fully embrace the joys of summer exploration.

From staying hydrated to being mindful of thunderstorms and sharing the road responsibly, these 20 summer driving tips will help you make the most of your journeys while prioritizing safety on Georgia’s highways and byways. So please fasten your seat belts, roll down the windows, and let’s delve into these essential guidelines that will ensure a smooth and enjoyable summer driving experience in the beautiful state of Georgia.

#1 Stay hydrated

During the hot summer months, staying hydrated while driving is important. Keep a bottle of water within reach to prevent dehydration and maintain alertness on the road.

#2 Check your vehicle’s cooling system

Ensure your vehicle’s cooling system is in good working condition. Get your radiator, coolant levels, and hoses checked before the summer heat sets in to prevent overheating.

#3 Use sunscreen and sunglasses

Protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays by applying sunscreen and wearing sunglasses while driving. This will keep you comfortable, reduce glare, and enhance visibility.

#4 Plan for frequent breaks

Long drives can be tiring, especially in the summer heat. Plan your trips with regular breaks to rest, stretch your legs, and cool down. This will help you stay refreshed and focused.

#5 Monitor tire pressure

Hot temperatures can cause tire pressure to increase. Check your tire pressure regularly and maintain the recommended levels to ensure proper traction and avoid blowouts or uneven wear.

#6 Watch out for thunderstorms

Summer in Georgia often brings thunderstorms. Keep an eye on weather forecasts before heading out, and be prepared to adjust your driving speed and technique in heavy rain, strong
winds, or reduced visibility.

#7 Maintain a safe following distance

With more tourists and vacationers on the roads during the summer, traffic can become congested. Maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead to allow for sudden stops or emergencies.

#8 Stay updated on road conditions

Before your journey, check for any road closures, construction zones, or traffic updates. This will help you plan alternative routes and avoid delays.

#9 Avoid aggressive driving

Summer can bring out more aggressive driving behaviors. Stay calm and patient, and avoid engaging in aggressive driving maneuvers. Maintain a respectful and defensive driving approach.

#10 Share the road with cyclists and pedestrians

Summer weather encourages more outdoor activities, so be mindful of cyclists and pedestrians. Give them enough space and always yield the right of way when necessary.

#11 Be cautious at intersections

Intersections can be particularly dangerous areas. Pay extra attention, obey traffic signals, and double-check for any oncoming vehicles or pedestrians before proceeding.

#12 Use your air conditioning wisely

While it’s tempting to blast the air conditioning in the summer heat, try to use it judiciously to conserve fuel. Use the recirculation mode to cool the air faster and reduce strain on the engine.

#13 Secure loose items in your vehicle

Loose items can become dangerous projectiles in the event of sudden stops or accidents. Secure any loose objects in your vehicle to prevent them from causing harm.

#14 Watch out for wildlife

Wildlife activity tends to increase during the summer months. Be cautious, especially when driving in rural or wooded areas, and stay alert for any crossing animals.

#15 Stay calm in traffic

Traffic congestion is common during summer vacations and holidays. Maintaining a calm and patient attitude while driving in heavy traffic reduces stress and promotes safer driving habits.

#16 Be cautious in construction zones

Summertime often means increased road construction in Georgia. Pay close attention to construction zones, follow posted speed limits, and be prepared for lane shifts or detours. Exercise patience and caution to ensure the safety of both road workers and fellow drivers.

#17 Use your headlights in the rain

When driving in rain showers or heavy downpours, it’s advisable to turn on your headlights, even during the daytime. This increases your visibility to other drivers, reduces the risk of accidents, and ensures that your vehicle’s taillights are on, helping drivers behind you see your vehicle better.

#18 Watch out for bicyclists

Summer weather encourages more people to ride bicycles. Stay vigilant and give bicyclists plenty of space when sharing the road. Pass them safely, maintain a safe distance, and be patient, particularly on narrow or winding roads.

#19 Be mindful of fatigue

Long drives and hot weather can contribute to driver fatigue. Take regular breaks, switch drivers if possible, and listen to your body’s signals. If you feel drowsy, pull over in a safe area and rest before continuing your journey.

#20 Prepare an emergency kit

Always carry an emergency kit in your vehicle during summer drives. Include essentials such as a first aid kit, flashlight, spare tire, jumper cables, roadside flares, and extra water. Being prepared for unexpected situations will help you handle emergencies with confidence.

Remember, safe driving is a responsibility we all share. By following these tips, you can have a safer and more enjoyable driving experience during the summer in Georgia.

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